Dare to Change ------------ Dao is the Way

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Donja is known as an energetic and inspiring person.

Her whole career she worked on optimising results and changing work processes in the corporate world.She loves to work and interact with all different kinds of people on different levels. 

It was after she finalised her Leadership and Coaching course at the Transformational Presence Organisation she combined her leadership, coaching and process management skills into a new organisation Dao2Change.

Dao2Change is specialised in when you know there is a necessity to Change, but you do not know exactly what or how to do it. Dao2Change stands for: To Mirror and Empower by an open, direct and pragmatic approach. Dao2Change reveals the truth, speaks out the unspoken and brings you and your Company to the next level.

Donja de Groot

Email : Donja61@gmail.com

Mobile number : 0031 (0) 610 91 4511